Licensing Basis:

To launch a product you only need:


a) IP protection.

b) The right presentation.

c) Access to the right people.


We know whom to call and what to say. Some people say  "I don't have enough time! " Well we do. We love to spend time to make money.


We will hold your hands every step of the way.

Professional Facilitator Program - Product Invention Assessment



  • Patent Search. Report
  • Rough Order of Magnitude Manufacturing Cost -Report
  • Patent Drawings -Complete Set.
  • US Provisional Application (PPA) -Preparation and Filing.
  • NDA Preparation (10) for potential vendors.
  • Proof of Concept Prototype -Quote.
  • 5 Virtual prototypes, or Photo Realistic Images.
  • 3 Sales Sheet Graphic Design.
  • 1 Minute Video Sell Sheet. Privately hosted for one year.
  • 3 Submission letter Samples.

We Can't wait to see your Idea!


By clicking the “Next” button above as my electronic signature, I expressly consent to being contacted about SolidMasters' services by phone call, or email address I provide.

Licensing Contract  Program

Business Execution:


List of 10 potential licensing companies.

Target leads and contact information.

Request for Introductions.

Product Presentation Collaboration.

Contract Terms Sheet Development Help.

Licensing Contract Negotiation Help.


Revenue Sharing


Acting as your collaborator we shall devote our best efforts in providing the services related to the licensing of your invention, and the compensation will be a percentage of revenue.







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