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SolidMasters is here to provide your company with comprehensive solutions for assembling any type of components. Our extensive knowledge of tool design, solid modeling, design analysis, and manufacturing processes will give you an edge over the competition. Design, Plan, Create, and build a cost-effective and time-saving process with

SolidMasters as your Electronics Circuits Design Partner.

Electronic Circuits Design and Development, Layout Design.

Our team has experience in every step of product development from an idea on a napkin to a fully manufactured product. Our advanced design methods gets your products to market faster. With hundreds of projects delivered since 1990, our team has provided advanced solutions for customers ranging from new venture companies to Fortune 500 companies.

We have product design experience in many industries, including Consumer Electronics, Broadcast Video, Networking, Industrial Controls and Lighting and Defense. Whether our customers need simple or complex systems, we develop the entire design including the initial architecture, printed circuit boards, progammable logic, firmware and software to make those products run.

Board Design

We architect and develop printed circuit boards from customer's product requirements to production ready designs. This process consists of the development of the circuits and the design of the printed circuit boards to accomplish the connection of these circuits. We use state of the art tools to capture the schematic of the circuits and the layout of the printed circuit board.

We have over 20 years experience in the board design of all types of circuits from microprocessor based computing systems to simple sensor circuits.

Programmable Logic Design

At times, a customer's product functionality cannot be accomplished with off the shelf components. In some cases, custom logic can be designed using programmable logic devices like Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) and Programmable Logic Devices (PLDs).

We have design tools for all major platform technologies and advanced tools for design simulation and integration.

Firmware and Software Development

A customers product functionality may require the use of intelligence, like a microprocessor or microcontroller, for the purposes of monitoring sensors or providing a user interface. In these cases, the fimrware or software program to run these prodcuts needs to be developed.

We use state of the art development tools to accomplish these tasks, whether they be a simple single-threaded program on a microcontroller or the integration of an operating system on a microprossor system.

SolidMasters makes it possible for engineering firms and Inventors to effectively and competently manage drawings and designs. No need investing in in-house resources or worrying about maintenance and overhead. Instead, outsource your CAD services so you can use your capital to concentrate on business expansion activities.