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Cad design drafting services

SolidMasters allows engineering firms to effectively and competently manage their drawings and designs.

By outsourcing CAD services, engineering firms can utilize their capital to concentrate on business expansion activities.

We are proud to offer you our celebrated cad design drafting services to help you complete either simple or complex mechanical, electrical, electronic, drafting and design projects to your specifications and desires, at a highly competitive cost.


Whether it is analysis and concept design, re-drawing or drawing from scratch, 2D conversion or 3D modeling, we have all the latest cutting-edge resources and experience to provide you with efficient and practical solutions.


Our services comprise:

2D Drawings for Manufacturing, Mechanical Blueprints, 3D CAD, 2D to 3D conversion, Concept Drawings, Industrial Design Drawings, Risk Analysis, Design for Manufacturability, Autocad Inventor, PDF to DXF conversion, PDF to DWG conversion, Machining, Working Prototypes and Short Run Production.




Making the 2D-to-3D transition a seamless process.


A very popular 3d modeling service is the 3D models creation from existing 2D data (DWG or DXF) as well as hard data (blue prints), maintaining compatibility between SolidWorks and ProE, if is needed.


Design and Development is an extremely complicated and involved process. Describing and rendering a thought as a physical model correctly takes a combination of precise skill and knowledge. That physical model is an integral part of the manufacturing process and holds a position of importance for designers. A high quality 3D rendering of a design allows clients and employees to easily understand and visualize the dynamics of the assignment.


Two dimension drafting and design software has existed for quite some time now. Most design firms have a large archive of designs. These designs are almost exclusively legacy files, or groups of 2D files showing the dimensions and constraints of individual products. These files were necessary for older manufacturing processes and classic development phases. With the advent of multiple access computer controlled manufacturing devices, having a three dimensional model is paramount for quick and efficient production. Conversion from classic 2D design files to 3D is a difficult and somewhat complicated process without proper knowledge and experience. Updating older designs from 2D files can yield amazing results for a company. It can allow them to broaden the manufacturing process and easily evolve or improve the design. Having 3D files also means that interaction between parts and designs can be seen clearly and easily.


Even hand drawn designs can be modeled in three dimensions. Years of experience and success allow the modeling experts to replicate the design in question with exact precision in three dimensions. This process can even be used for items that have been manufactured for so long that designs no longer exist in the original format. Because employees can come and go, specifications and plans can be lost over time. Modeling a product through software is the best options for companies that want to document or upgrade older, classic designs.


The modeling process can work both ways, too. Having a rough, total concept design is a major stepping stone in the design process. With a prototype or concept modeled in 3D, the next logical step is to define all of the dimensions explicitly. If perhaps a project was running behinds schedule, acquiring accurate and professional 2D layouts of the 3D concept sketch would allow the development process to continue moving forward. These drawings can be the last step in the design phase and allow manufacturing to begin.


Modeling and design representation tools require an individual with a large library of knowledge relating to the tools and processes of the software. Companies can often have an entire division of technical individuals whose sole purpose is to model designs. By using a third party to efficiently and correctly represent the designs in both 2D and 3D would allow the development team to focus on constraints and specifications. This also means that the firm doesn't need to hire a dedicated modeler. Working with individuals who have years of experience lets the company represent the product as a total, professional package, and keeps them on the cutting edge of a constantly evolving industry.



Production Drawings


The engineering drawings set is a blueprint of what the finalized product is.

Every aspect of the device that is important to the form, fit and function is defined.

Our designers and engineers are well-educated and trained for the latest technology and modern techniques. All the designers and engineers have the know-how of DIN, ISO or ANSI standards of drafting.  Built to maintain world-class standards, we ensure that every design is made to relevant manufacturing specifications and contains adequate data. These are drawn in strict compliance with preferences and directions of customers.



Bill of Materials (BOM)


A bill of materials (also known as a BOM) is a complete list of parts, items, assemblies and elements required to create a product, as well as instructions needed for gathering and using the required materials. The BOM is considered part of the Assembly Drawing.


The bill of materials can be interpreted as the shopping list for creating a final product. The bill of materials explains what, how to buy required elements and could include guidelines for how to construct the product from the various parts.

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Our 2D CAD Drawing Services   Include:


  • 2D to 3D CAD Conversion
  • CAD
  • DWG
  • DWG to 3D Model
  • CAD Drawing
  • CAD Design
  • Technical Drawing


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