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Benefits of 3D CAD Designs over 2D Designs


Using 3D design modeling improves overall design quality because 3D designing is a complete process than 2d designing. So, human errors that are quite common with 2D design methods are easily avoidable. In the past, component collisions, incorrect quantities, mismatch parts are usually common because, with 2D designing, a designer was forced to hold most of the information mentally. This also leads to many other errors because human brain can’t visualize to the exact scale. When you use 3D modeling services of SolidMasters, you reduce not just human errors but even the need of re-work is minimized because the design quality is improved to a great extent.


Schedule generation with 2D methods also relies on mental visualization to generate a part count. So, human error is again a risk during quantification. The quantity data from 2D views is poor because projections are likely to show a particular component in several ways, and certain components might be omitted to maintain the clarity of design. However, in 3D design, getting quantity data is easy because items are represented as they will occur during the actual process. So, if the CAD 3D design is created as a true to live model, the quantities will be represented with exact accuracy. With SolidMasters, you will be able to get exact details of blocks and layers, means items in your construction process. So, there are minimum possible chances of human error while counting the quantities.


CAD 3D modeling improves the communication of design. With 2D design, non-technical people interested in checking and knowing the details about the design were required to wait for a prototype to understand truly the design. With 3D CAD modeling, you will be able to generate pictorial views and traditional projections so design intent can clearly be seen by anyone who is interested in looking. Thus, 3D CAD modeling lets you save time by promoting inter-departmental understanding of the overall design well in advance. Clear design communication at the earliest possible stage offers many other benefits also.


So, an impressive and updated approach can be achieved by using 3D CAD modeling particularly in the eyes of your customers. This equally applies to individuals because skills are required to be regularly updated to stay competitive in the market.


From an idea drawn with a pencil on a paper napkin to a Proof-of-Concept Prototype ready for manufacturing, we have the professional expertise, knowledge, and experience to take your product to market in the least amount of time.


We are a boutique organization which means that every customer receives the director, Fred Vierheller's Personal Attention. Fred is a mechanical engineer who is certified as a Solidworks and Camworks trainer and a Solidworks and Camworks technical support. After building his company in 2006.


Using a contractor's network which he acquired when he was training engineers with Solidworks, today Fred can pool 20 to 35 designers for any project. He has successfully built up a unique company model based on contractors and commission to reduce the cost of product development and pass the savings to you, the customer. Fred offers a very flexible structure and currently manages 83 projects simultaneously. He is always expanding due to a large number of referrals from satisfied clients.


3D CAD Design and Engineering

SolidMasters is a long established renowned vendor of Mechanical Design outsourcing services, 3D CAD modeling, and drafting services for engineers and industrial designers all over the world. Our growing team are committed to giving you the highest level of CAD model services available through the use of our experiences and expertise, thereby providing you, our customer, a comprehensive spectrum of drafting services for a broad range of applications.


Solidmasters' customer base represents some diverse industries, and the extraordinary level of customer satisfaction and repeat business orders that we achieve is a result of our regular customer liaison, extensive experience, and highly qualified staff.


As 3D modeling technology promises to transform the entire field of mechanical engineering, customer satisfaction and the number of people using it continues to grow. It guarantees to convert the whole field of mechanical engineering, offering an entirely new level of design versatility and workday efficiency. Our engineers use 3D SolidWorks, the leading 3D modeling solution to help bring high-quality products to market with unprecedented speed, thereby offering a swift service to our customers.


To make design and manufacturing development processes faster and more efficient, we offer the latest state-of-the-art solutions. Due to our high level of experience with the most widely used CAD packages, SolidMasters is the obvious choice for driving your company's 2D CAD designs to fully interactive 3Dimensional models.


Creating the 2D to 3D Conversion a Seamless Process.

A very popular 3D modeling service is the 3D model creation using existing 2D data (DWG or DXF), as well as hard data (blueprints), and if needed, compatibility maintenance between SolidWorks and ProE.

Design Validation Solutions.


Using an FEA analysis software like SolidWorks Simulation or COSMOS, we can perform virtual testing and analysis of parts and assemblies, thereby prophesying the physical behavior of practically any part or assembly under any loading condition.

Drop test, optimization, thermal heat transfer, thermal stress, vibration, fatigue, and buckling analysis services, enable our engineers to detect design problems in far less time than it would take to build a prototype.


Engineering Drafting Services

SolidMasters allows engineering firms to efficiently and competently manage their drawings and designs.

By outsourcing CAD services, engineering firms can utilize their capital to concentrate on business expansion activities.


We are proud to offer you our important services to help you complete either simple or complex mechanical, electrical, electronic, drafting and design projects to your personal specifications and desires, at a highly competitive cost.


Whether it is analysis and concept design, re-drawing or drawing from scratch, 2D conversion or 3D modeling, we have all the latest cutting-edge resources and experience to provide you with efficient and effective solutions.



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