SolidMasters allows engineering firms to effectively and competently manage their drawings and designs.

By outsourcing CAD services, engineering firms can utilize their capital to concentrate on business expansion activities.

We are proud to offer you our celebrated cad design drafting services to help you complete either simple or complex mechanical, electrical, electronic, drafting and design projects to your specifications and desires, at a highly competitive cost.


Whether it is analysis and concept design, re-drawing or drawing from scratch, 2D conversion or 3D modeling, we have all the latest cutting-edge resources and experience to provide you with efficient and practical solutions.



2D Drawings for Manufacturing, Mechanical Blueprints, 3D CAD, 2D to 3D conversion, Concept Drawings, Industrial Design Drawings, Risk Analysis, Design for Manufacturability, Autocad Inventor, PDF to DXF conversion, PDF to DWG conversion, Machining, Working Prototypes and Short Run Production.

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