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We have an excellent track record, of developing, innovative designs and solutions.
We are identified by our clients as a supreme, engineering consulting firm that designs for manufacturability.

With more than 20 years, of project design engineering experience.
Bringing products, machines and tools from conception through prototype and from manufacturing to market.
In other words,

"If you can imagine it we can design and create it".

Engineering Services and the Product Development Process

There's nothing more disappointing than having spent months (even years) creating and refining a product you believe will truly help people, only to then put it in the hands of manufacturers to find out nothing works, after working on it for months.
Until today, the only way to fix those small pesky engineering problems would be to hire a qualified engineer instead of a technically skilled Nintendo player.

The big problem is that most CAD Draftsmen charge you a MINIMUM of $40,000 a year…which can be a major economic stumbling block..if you can’t afford an on staff full-timeengineering team. So then, perhaps, you try a “make do" solution hiring a CAD Operator…but it’s still going to cost you thousands and thousands of dollars to fix your product! And you might end up with a product that works, but justdoesn’t have the right look. It doesn't “wow" anybody – there’s no “excitement" or “oomph" to it. And if the product doesn’t LOOK innovative (even if it is) then there’s much less likelihood that someone will buy it.

That's why today, I want to share with you our new product design approach called "Product Development Process" that is capable of boosting your product positioning and branding online overnight. I know that may sound unbelievable, but in a moment you'll see how it all works, so just keep reading.

Hi, my name is Fred Vierheller and over the last 20 years I've personally overseen over 100 successful product inventions – with 16 currently in process.
And what I've proven over and over in my own business is that the easiest and most reliable way to ramp up your product positioning and branding is by adding a nail-biting sense of urgency to your CAD Operator situation.
And when you apply our Product Design Experience in your business, your sales and profits can double. We’ll be giving you what you lost, the WOW Factor for your product.
Now what makes this Product Development Process different to any other program out there, is that this isn't just a collection of ideas or principles. It's a simple, step-by-step FORMULA.
All you need to do is apply the formula and you WILL get the results that you want.
Most of the time the appearance of the product, is based on the realization of its natural form.

However, you don’t want JUST the natural form…you want the OPTIMAL natural form. And that is what we will help you achieve – Your product in its OPTIMAL form. In cooperation with the inventor, our team of engineers and designers will rearrange or substitute components to produce a more EFFICIENT design. In reality, an OPTIMAL functional design will normally provide you these key benefits:

1. An improved appearance of the product;
2. Reduced manufacturing costs;
3. Your product will be easier to maintain.

Of course, product development involves much more than shape and appearance. The development team must anticipate the problems that the production engineer will find as he manufactures the product. Some of the product development questions that must be answered:

1. How difficult is it for him to make a specially machined part?
2. How much will a specially machined part add to the cost?
3. Can the design be adapted to use an off-the-shelf component?
4. Will the original material cause problems because it is in short supply, expensive, or hard to work with?
5. Are there alternative materials that can be used instead?

Knowing the answers to these questions – in the BEGINNING - for how the product will be built - guides us to optimally develop the mechanical and electrical circuits and select components for your product.

It’s not just a matter of making a 2D Drawing from the 3D part with nominal dimensions. Fit and function analysis, Stack up tolerance analysis Engineering in general has to be dealt with, and understood on a deep level..which… let's be realistic, a technically educated Nintendo Player fresh out of school just doesn’t have the technical “know how" and real life experience to effectively figure out all of the ramifications and implications of the design.
In addition having a deep understanding of how the design works and performs, under a multitude of conditions, agood designer must also know when to stop. The final, optimized product must offer more benefits than the competition in a form that the consumer finds comfortable and familiar.

So. To sum up…the critical point of the design, therefore, occurs when we provide the most advanced technology in its simplest form. The developer must freeze the design at this point to ensure that they don't over engineer the product. Design freeze, however, is not the final step. Before your product can go to market…There are additional steps that must be followed, which includes:

1. Build the prototype
2. Test the prototype (and this might require multiple iterations)
3. incorporate changes in the documentation
4. prepare formal assembly and test procedures
5. start the procurement cycles

We are experienced in working with companies and getting their products to market in the most efficient way possible. You benefit because you don’t have to make the financial commitment increased staff and facilities, which may never be required again.
Working with a knowledgeable outsourcing partner dramatically reduces the financial risks that are inherent in any new product venture.

We believe we can work with you and be your “go to" resource for outsourcing. We have an excellent track record of developing, innovative designs and solutions.
We are identified by our clients as a supreme engineering consulting firm that designs for manufacturability.

We have more than 20 years of successful project design engineering experience.
We have the expertise and know how to bring products, machines and tools from conception through prototype, and from manufacturing to market.

Imagination comes naturally, but creation requires initiative, so take the first step and give us a call! +1(714) 888 5621
We have the in-depth knowledge and years of real-life experience to successfully bring your ideas to life.

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